Santa Clara County Law Library

Library Rules

Pursuant to Section 6343 of the Business and Professions Code, the Board of Law Library Trustees hereby establishes the following rules for the use of the Santa Clara County Law Library premises.

  1. Areas of the Law Library open to patrons are the reading room, copier room, restrooms and the three book stack levels. Access and enjoyment of the Library is for use of the Library's legal information resources and services. Patrons may not use the Law Library in lieu of an office or as a reading room for materials other than Law Library materials.
  2. Patrons shall respect the rights of other Library patrons and Library staff. Soliciting, harassing, offending, intimidating or disturbing Library patrons or staff is strictly prohibited. California Penal Code 602.1(b).
  3. Theft, abuse, vandalism, mutilation, marring, marking, defacing, or otherwise damaging of the books, building, equipment, furniture or other objects in the Library is prohibited. California Penal Code 490.5 & 594; Education Code 19910 & 19911.
  4. Reasonable quiet is expected throughout the Library. Personal photocopiers/scanners or other noisy equipment are not permitted, except at areas designated for their use. Cell phone users are expected to answer their phone promptly and vacate the library before starting conversations. Personal photocopiers/scanners can be used in the copier room, provided that they are not noisier than library's copiers. Patrons may engage in quiet conversation so long as other patrons or staff are not disturbed.
  5. Briefcases, backpacks, packages, and outer garments may be subject to inspection. Large objects such as carts, luggage, bicycles or parcels are prohibited in the Library, with the exception of wheelchairs and standard, collapsible luggage carriers. Bicycles and large baggage must be left at the bike rack only and cannot be left in front of the entrance of the library. Items non-essential to legal research must not exceed 26"x19"x9". Walkways, aisles, table tops, and front entrance shall be kept clear and unobstructed by personal effects.
  6. Persons under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs are not permitted in the Library.
  7. Shirts or other covering of the upper body and shoes must be worn in the Library. Patrons who violate California Penal Code 314, indecent exposure, will be ask to leave the Law Library and/or reported to law enforcement.
  8. For the protection of Law Library materials, beverages and food are not permitted, except screw capped water bottles. No food shall be consumed in the area open to the patrons of the Law Library.
  9. Weapons are not permitted in the Library unless excepted by statute.
  10. Patrons whose parcels or bodily hygiene or odor is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance or disrupt others' ability to work shall be required to leave the Library.
  11. Bathing, hair washing, extended time usage, shaving or washing clothes in the Law Library restrooms, sleeping, lying on the floor or furniture, feet on library furniture, and loitering are prohibited in the Law Library.
  12. The Law Library is not responsible for, nor shall it have any liability with regards to, the personal effects that patrons bring into the Library. Personal property that staff determines is continually and/or intentionally abandoned will be removed without any warning.
  13. Children must be under the control and supervision of a responsible adult. If the child's behavior disturbs Law Library Users or staff, or results in damage to Law Library property, staff may seek the removal of the adult and child from the Law Library.
  14. Smoking or vaping inside the Law Library and within 20 feet of exits and windows are prohibited.
  15. Animals, other than service animals assisting persons with disabilities, are not permitted in the Law Library.
  16. Accessing the Library computer system, programs or data without authorization is prohibited. Peripheral devices (printers, CD-ROM drives, keyboards, scanners, etc.) may not be attached to the PCs without prior permission. Thumb USB drives can only be attached to terminals designated for use with legal information services that allow downloading.
  17. Patrons may use battery-powered laptop or notebook computers in the Library, provided their use is quiet enough not to disturb others. Patrons shall not use electrical outlets not designated for patrons use or unplug Library equipment without library staff's permission. Patrons need to be mindful not to create a tripping hazard when plugging in their equipment. Patrons use library electrical outlet at their own risk. The Law Library is not responsible for any damages to patron equipment due to electrical surge/spike, etc.
  18. Conference room use will be governed by separate rules to be adopted.
  19. Law Library patrons may not occupy more than one space if the library is full. Library staff may enforce this rule at their discretion. Priority for carrel use is given to those individuals with computers. Patrons may not occupy more than one study carrel at a time.
  20. The teaching of classes, lecturing of students or otherwise verbally instructing students within the Law Library is not permitted unless advance permission is obtained from the Law Librarian. Instructors may accompany their students to the Law Library as a resource person, advise their students on an individual basis, and answer their questions as they arise on a one-to-one basis, provided that reasonable quiet is maintained during the course of such activity.
  21. Opening emergency exits except in emergency situation, entering unauthorized or off-limit areas of the Law Library, remaining in the Law Library after closing or during emergency drills or evacuations is prohibited and may result in immediate suspension of the Law Library privileges.
  22. Patrons shall not conceal or hide Law Library materials for their exclusive use. Pocket parts or loose-leaf pages may be removed from books briefly to be photocopied on the Law Library's copiers and shall be returned by the patron to the book promptly.
  23. Law Library's computer terminals, wifi, circulation and reference function will shutdown 15 minutes before closing. Law Library copier room will shutdown 10 minutes before closing. Patrons shall leave computer terminals and/or evacuate copiers' room promptly at those times.
  24. Back garden doors are locked 15 minutes prior to the library closing. All books from the circulation desk must be returned 10 minutes prior to the library closing. The front doors are locked 5 minutes before the library closes.
  25. No materials shall be removed from the Law Library unless they have been checked out to the patron by Law Library staff; and all material must be returned when due. Failure to do so can result in loss of Law Library privileges and/or payment of replacement and administrative costs.
  26. Failure to obey all law, comply with Law Library rules, the directive of Law Library staff, or to cooperate with staff in their enforcement of these rules may result in the loss or suspension of Law Library privileges. Repeated failures to comply with Law Library rules or staff directives will result in the loss or suspension of Law Library privileges for longer periods.