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Expungement / Record Clearance

Santa Clara County Expungement Guide (880KB, PDF file format)
Click here to get Adobe Reader.

Remote access from outside the library

Our license agreement with our vender allows all residents of Santa Clara County to access EBSCO Legal Information Resource Center/NOLO Press Publication from their homes.
Use "CA" as the login name and "santaclara" as the password for access.

The links below will ONLY work if connected to the Law Library Wi-Fi network while in the library

The law library does not guarantee the uptime/availability of 3rd party resources. Please see vendor websites for hardware/software requirements. The law library is uanble to provide technical support of legal databases and equipments not owned by the library.

CEB OnLaw for Continuing Education of the Bar practice materials
Hein Online Law Review database
Collection of Nolo Press Self-help titles

New for 2013, we are extending our WestLaw access to the Wi-Fi users in the Law Library.

The Law Library has a limited number of "concurrent seats" for WestLaw
The Wi-Fi connection will automaticaly time-out every two hours to allow all library users a chance to log-in.
Library staff will monitor the usage closely and may introduce more aggressive access control to ensure every user has a fair chance, if necessary.

Library users have a choice of:
Westlaw Classic -- WARNING. Thomson West will soon be discontinuing Westlaw Classic. This product will no longer be available by the end of 2014. Please start to familiarize yourself with WestlawNext if you aren't already. Training materials can be found below.

The Law Library does not have staffing to provide "one-on-one" training. Library users are encouraged to learn about Westlaw usage by visiting Thomson Reuters West's training materials at: West e-Learning Center. User guides can also be found here.

Reminder on WestlawNext searches
WestlawNext may return results from databases that are not included in our contract. In those cases, the full contents are not accessibile to our users. Patrons can search our catalog to check if the law library has the content in print format.

Downloading/E-mailing from WestLawNext is subject to limitations

Patrons who have a desperate need to access a particular resource are encouraged to contact Thomson Reuters West directly to arrange for access.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013