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Santa Clara County Law Library Services

Reference Assistance

The law library staff is not 'Lawyer Lite.' Under no circumstance will legal advice be given.

The law library staff is available to guide patrons to appropriate legal materials, in print or electronic formats, so you can conduct your own legal research. The library staff takes great care to avoid the unauthorized practice of law. The library staff will not give legal opinions or advice, nor will they comment upon or explain the meaning of a text.

Telephone reference is limited to reading short sections of statutes when a specific cite is given by the caller, or the status of a specific title.  The number to our front desk is (408)299-3568.  Patrons in the library have higher priority; we may ask you to call back later if we experience high traffic at the front desk.

Check-out Privileges

Adult residents of Santa Clara County may sign up for a library card with a $50 CASH deposit, plus a $2.00 fee for the card. After three months deposit borrowers can close their account, turn in their library card, and receive refund of their deposit, less any fines or charges.  The process takes up to 6-8 weeks.

Attorneys who are an active member of the California State Bar, and either reside in or maintain an office in Santa Clara County, may also sign up for a library card for a $2.00 fee.

Attorney Support Staff may be signed up with permission from the sponsoring attorney. Cost is $2.00 per support staff member added to the attorney's account. Information on how to sign up a support staff member can be found here.

All patrons will need to show a picture ID and provide proof of address.

Document Delivery

Document delivery services are available with an exact citation. The library staff does not perform legal research. Document requests are only filled Monday through Friday. You can e-mail your request to: If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please contact the front desk at (408) 299-3568. Payment must be received before the document request will be filled. After your request is received, you should receive, via e-mail, a PayPal invoice from the Santa Clara County Law Library.

Document delivery fees are as follows:

Self-Service Photocopiers:

There are 2 copiers in the library.  Currently, the cost is 20 cents per page.  The machines will take one dollar bills, quarters, dimes, and nickels. 

We also have pre-paid copy cards for $15, $30, and $45 denominations.

We do not have an ATM on site. The copy machines do not take credit cards, but you may purchase a copy card with a credit card. There is a 2.7% fee when you use a credit card at the library.

Wireless network

The San Jose branch hosts a Wi-Fi wireless network. This service is provided as-is without any warranty.  The Law Library will NOT provide ANY technical support.  Please refer to documentations provided by your hardware/software vendors if you encounter any difficulties.

Other Resources

If you are unable to conduct your own legal research, but wish for a quick answer to your legal question, we recommend the following resources:

To have somebody fill out a legal form for you, you may want to hire a Legal Document Assistant.

For Family Court matters, please contact the Family Law Facilitator's Office.

Since the County Law Library does not receive full civil filing fees from small claim cases, our collection on small claim cases is very limited.
For Small Claims court questions, please contact the Small Claims Advisor.

Obtain unbundled legal service from an attorney, also know as Limited Scope Representation.

San Jose Public Library has a very popular Lawyers in the Library program. Reserve your slot early.

If you believe that you qualify under their income guidelines, you may also wish to contact those services.

County law libraries in California are funded solely by civil filing fees in local state Superior Courts, we do not receive any funding for litigations in Federal court systems.  Our collection coverage on Federal matters is very limited. If you have an on-going lawsuit(s) in the Federal District Court, you may be able to ask your judge for permission to use the Federal District Court Library.

Last Modified:
Tuesday, July 14, 2015